Our Purpose/Whainga


  • To provide charitable facilities in Canterbury, New Zealand where all males can be supported in using resources provided for exclusively social welfare purposes.
  • To promote the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of males and society.
  • To involve males of all ages, cultures, races, occupations, social and economic circumstances.
  • To provide a forum for males to discover and clarify their needs, rights and responsibilities.
  • To raise society’s awareness and respect for male’s needs, rights and responsibilities.
  • To ensure that the services offered by the Men’s Centre are client centred.
  • To provide a conduit to existing social services, resources, and courses for males.
  • To create, or stimulate the creation of, services, resources and courses where they do not exist and where a need has been identified.
  • To ensure that the rights and responsibilities of men, women and children to live in a community without violence, abuse, or intimidation are recognised and to endeavour to address these issues through the programmes offered and activities undertaken.
  • To recognise the needs, rights and responsibilities of fathers:
    • in conventional two parent families,
    • as stepfathers,
    • as adoptive fathers,
    • as sole custodial parents,
    • as non-custodial parents.
  • To acknowledge the views of other individuals and groups in our society that will compliment the Mens’ Centre’s aims and objectives.