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We love taking care of all sorts of men. Men that come to us are taken through a strengths-based intake interview in which they leave with a plan.

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Looking After Men

We love taking care of all sorts of men. Men that come to us are taken through a strengths-based intake interview in which they leave with a plan. If that plan involves counselling with us we know the man well enough to make it the best match. This process is done by either our Service Manager who is a Registered Social Worker or by trained Social Work students on placement with us.

We don’t have a waiting list and get to men quite quickly. Direct referrals can be made through our counselling page. Cost is based on the man’s capacity to pay. No man is denied care due to money so far and we expect this to continue. Many use the disability allowance for this purpose and we support them with the paperwork.

blokes' Book

blokes' Book Canterbury

The blokes’ Book is a listing of Canterbury agencies and services relevant to men’s health and well-being. They are free, so please order some by writing to and telling us how many you would like.

A special thanks to these funders for the 2017 print run.

blokes' Book Wellington

The free blokes’ Book Wellington was released in July 2017. If you want hard copies of the booklet, contact Stuart Miller, Kidz Need Dadz Ph: 021-810-321 or Peter Crosland, Father & Child Ph: 027-281-6272.

A special thanks to these funders for the 2017 print run.

Counselling Referrals

Counselling Referrals

You are welcome to send referral info directly to us at

The referral form is for professionals wishing to refer a client for counselling with the Canterbury Men’s Centre.

  • Costs: We use a sliding scale and accept Work and Income Disability Allowance clients. We haven’t turned away any client unable to pay.
  • Office and Counselling Hours: Initial interviews are generally during regular office hours and counselling can be evenings, daytime and weekends.
  • Initial Interview: Our intake staff work from a  social work framework at the first interview and match the client with the counsellor as well as with other community supports.
  • Waiting List: We have not yet had a waiting list and generally have an initial interview with the client within 2 working days.
  • Our Response to Referrers: If you want feedback about this client’s engagement please tell us.

Employee Support

Employee Support

Employee Support

We operate a bare bones employment support service aimed at reaching those that don't normally get this type of support.

Why have us working to support your staff?

  1. You care about your crew. We see that the smartest thing is done by them.
  2. You want your teams being efficient and focused. Getting caught up in a staff member's life is quite draining and likely not your area of expertise.
  3. You want a company culture that works. We support your staff to come up with the words to address any issues. It only takes one toxic employee to take down a small to medium-sized business and your other employees are the ones most likely to pick this up.
  4. Cost is a factor.We are an entry level employee care service and are able to price ourselves this way. If your staff need specialized support (budgeting, addictions...) we see they are engaged with the right services in the community, most of which are free for them to use. Our job is to make sure they know their options and see that you have done all that you can do.
  5. We are good. Our staff are well trained and know our community well. We have had a particular focus on men for 10 years and have seen over 5,000 men in that period who give us rave reviews. We also provide care for women with this service and many of our staff/contractors are women.
  6. We check in with your staff once per year. Caring for your staff can get lost in the rush of other projects. We see that this is scheduled in for you and them in the way that you think will work with your crew.
  7. If the "bomb" hits you've got someone to call. We are those people you can get in when a staff member behaves in a way that affects the team or a significant site incident occurs.

It is normal for us to also support women with this part of our service. Contact us if you want to know more by phoning our CEO, Donald Pettitt 021 02502631 or writing


Male Call

Are you working in the area of health and social services? Our monthly “Male Call” gets you thinking about your male clients, and informs you about the options out there.

Tane Ora

Past Events

Tane Ora

Mana Tane Ora O Waitaha

 Christchurch and Canterbury have some local champions making a difference for Maori Men. We generally meet monthly. If you are interested in what is happening or want some help to run a project then we suggest you call us or send us an email.



Canterbury Men’s Centre Speakers

If you want someone to talk to your group about men’s health etc just call and speak to our Manager, Donald Pettitt 03 365 9000. He regularly helps people find the right speaker or groups to be involved in health and other events.

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