Counselling for Men

We make it easy for Christchurch, Ashburton, and Kaiapoi men to get the support they need to make the most of their lives.

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Do you need counselling?
At that first meeting, you meet one of our trained staff (usually not a counsellor). You will make a plan to get to what you want to achieve and if that involves counselling, we match you to the best counsellor. We also let you know any information we have about other options.


8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Weekend times also available.

Waiting List

We can normally see the man within the first week or so of contact depending on his availability.


Our main office for counselling is 357 Gloucester St, Linwood, Christchurch. We also provide a counselling service from rooms in Kaiapoi and Ashburton.


Your Gross Income                            Session Fee for one hour

Up to $600/week $40
$600 to $800/week $60
$800 to $1,000/week $80
$1,000 to $1,200/week $100
Over $1,200/week $120

Weekends and evenings

Minimum $60. * Please note: Initial sessions on weekend and evenings are also a suggested $60, but we won’t make this a barrier if it causes you hardship.


We are a charity and committed to supporting you. Our fees are suggested prices and we do give free counselling as well. It is common in private practices for fees to range from $80-$160.

WINZ Disability Allowance

You may be eligible for the WINZ Disability Allowance to cover your counselling costs. We will help you figure out if you are eligible and get you through the process.


We support you to work through the process if you are eligible.

Bank Account

Our Bank Account for direct deposits is: 02 0800 0923575 000

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Men have asked us to offer couples counselling with many telling us that they didn’t get a fair go when they went to a couples counsellor. We believe our crew will support both of you to feel validated and can make the most of your time with us.
We charge $80-$120- based on your capacity to pay. Just contact us and we’ll set things up. To get things going give us a call at 03 365 9000 during normal business hours, write to or use the form below.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

The Canterbury Men’s Centre also offers Life Coaching. If you are taking a goal focus toward life this could be the service you need. We have several life coaches. Just contact us for more info.


Our fees are negotiable and based on the capacity of men to pay. Honestly. Contact us for more info.

Employee Support

Employee Support

Employee Support

We operate a bare bones employment support service aimed at reaching those that don't normally get this type of support.

Why have us working to support your staff?

  1. You care about your crew. We see that the smartest thing is done by them.
  2. You want your teams being efficient and focused. Getting caught up in a staff member's life is quite draining and likely not your area of expertise.
  3. You want a company culture that works. We support your staff to come up with the words to address any issues. It only takes one toxic employee to take down a small to medium-sized business and your other employees are the ones most likely to pick this up.
  4. Cost is a factor.We are an entry level employee care service and are able to price ourselves this way. If your staff need specialized support (budgeting, addictions...) we see they are engaged with the right services in the community, most of which are free for them to use. Our job is to make sure they know their options and see that you have done all that you can do.
  5. We are good. Our staff are well trained and know our community well. We have had a particular focus on men for 10 years and have seen over 5,000 men in that period who give us rave reviews. We also provide care for women with this service and many of our staff/contractors are women.
  6. We check in with your staff once per year. Caring for your staff can get lost in the rush of other projects. We see that this is scheduled in for you and them in the way that you think will work with your crew.
  7. If the "bomb" hits you've got someone to call. We are those people you can get in when a staff member behaves in a way that affects the team or a significant site incident occurs.

It is normal for us to also support women with this part of our service. Contact us if you want to know more by phoning our CEO, Donald Pettitt 021 02502631 or writing


Comments from Men

Comments from Men

The counsellor was extremely helpful and non-judgmental.


21 Years Old

I enjoy the after hours availability.


40 Years Old

An extremely supportive group for when a crisis comes about.


52 Years Old

I’m really benefiting from the service in particular the style in which my counselor uses, however I do miss the wild-berry tea that was once served as a beverage option. My sessions have not quite been the same.


33 Years Old


Andrew Garner

Andrew Garner

Trainee Counsellor, Person Centered, Narrative Therapy

My name is Andrew or Andy, and I’m a third year Counselling degree student at Laidlaw College.

Prior to starting my training, I spent 28 years working in IT, ending up designing software.

I’m married with two adult sons who live in Brisbane and Auckland.  I’m a bit of a music fanatic listening from everything from ambient to heavy metal, and there always has to be music on somewhere in the house…..

My training is in Person Centred and Narrative Therapies in terms of counselling models, and I’ve done some basic Cognitive Therapy work too. I have experience in going through a career change and am aware of how difficult that is.

I also work with primary and intermediate aged children at a local school, so I see a lot of different life experiences come through the counselling room

A quote that means a lot to me personally comes from a science fiction show called Fringe, but for me sums something of my view of counselling, and of my own experience:

“You can keep waiting for somebody else to define you, to give you your place in the world, or you can decide that you’re not just somebody’s broken puppet anymore.”

Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill

Counsellor, Person Centred, Dip. Couns., NZAC

I am a person who loves exploring and learning new things, demonstrated by my varied work background that includes experience in science, sales, music and health. I love getting out in the outdoors and enjoy tramping, kayaking, cycling and rolling these all together with my love of photography wherever possible. I am currently in training as a person-centred counsellor with interests in childhood trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and relationship problems.
Campbell Langford

Campbell Langford

Counsellor, Person Centred, Dip. Counselling

Simply, I want to see people become all that they can be, including having awesome relationships and living a full life.
But sometimes it is hard to look at who you have been, the things that have been done to you by others, and the ways you might be able to grow.

Sometimes that journey is better taken with another, supportive, caring, non-judgmental individual.
If I can be that person for you then I’m keen to get started.

I am married and we have two young sons.

Some things that turn my head: Triumph Motorcycles, well planted veggie gardens, vintage fighter air craft, community development initiatives, pizza ovens, books with swords on the covers, music played with passion, steam trains, forests, people doing really well at being themselves.

Some areas of therapeutic interest: people, relationships, masculinity, addiction, purpose, anxiety, anger, depression, children, spirituality.

David Bennett

David Bennett

David Bennett is an experienced coach who enjoys coaching people who want to find a way to live a more purposeful, fulfilling, and joyful life.

Specialising in evidence-based, solution-focused coaching, he draws on a variety of coaching theories and models to apply scientific rigour to what makes people thrive and excel.  An advocate of positive psychology, David’s approach is respectfully challenging, motivational and geared towards supporting people to flourish and realise their potential.

He has worked in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Chile, and Australia; and in large organisations including KPMG Brazil, London Underground, Downer and Balfour Beatty, and has firsthand understanding of the intricacies of working with different national and management cultures.

David has lived in Christchurch since 1996 and is currently living in Lyttelton with his partner Robin.

David has a Masters in Coaching Psychology, is an accredited Realise2 Strengths practitioner, trained ACT behavioural change coach, and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Gareth Hines

Gareth Hines

Bachelor of Social Services – Specializing in Counselling – Otago Polytechnic Diploma Life Coaching – New Zealand institute of Business Studies

Gareth was born and raised in New Zealand and even though he has had the opportunity to travel around the world, he is still lucky enough to call New Zealand his home.

Gareth is a proud husband and family man with a natural ability (along with a couple of tertiary qualifications) of communicating, working with and helping people through some of life’s biggest challenges.

Studying down in Otago, Gareth has gained a good understanding about human development, what makes us tick and how we can construct the lives we want.

Gareth’s work is solution focused, and his absolute passion is meeting new people, getting to know them and working with them to achieve positive results.

When you don’t see Gareth working you can find him spending time with family, socialising with friends, fishing, watching all kinds of sports and you might even the odd occasion find him still on the basketball court.

Along with Gareth’s positive nature, he can be described as easy going, understanding and has the ability to make conversations with just about anyone.

“I personally believe that everyone has the ability within themselves to make those all important changes in their life. My passion is to work with people and help them achieve the results that they want”

Don Rowlands

Don Rowlands

Counsellor for Individual, Couple, Parenting, and Counsellor Supervisor

Don has an M.Ed. degree in counselling and twenty five years experience with a family centre; a work-place agency and private practise. He has training in mental health and addictions issues and is a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

Don has connections with the Men and Father’s groups that has spanned thirty years. He has led the Caring Father’s Support Group and the Step Parents Support Group.

Don is married to Olive and treasures their five children and many grandchildren. HE values and respects people and finds that bridges built during counselling enrich his life, as well as those seeking help.

Interests: His interests are family life, Chaplaincy, fishing, music, swimming, rugby, cricket, travel and movies.

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Ian Crosson

Ian Crosson

Counsellor, B. Couns. , MNZCCA, Ashburton

My work is informed by my training in person-centred practice where I offer a safe, non-judgmental place, journeying alongside men and women who are distressed by life’s events and supporting them in their quest for wholeness.  I understand our uniqueness of being where often our deeper parts are alienated but through the healing process becoming fully integrated as ‘mind’, ‘body’, and ‘spirit’, a wholeness that brings vibrancy and life. I work with ‘Body Process’ in a Gestalt sense, being curious around the psycho-somatic connection.

I also work with couples specialising in emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT).

Jayden Smith

Jayden Smith

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist Trainee. Member of NZTAA

I am a professional and trustworthy individual who offers a safe supportive space for individuals. Working together with individuals in a relational and co-creative way is my style. I enjoy working alongside a variety of individuals and like to hold a “You’re okay, I’m okay” space.

I am a current member of NZTAA and I am part-way to achieving a certification in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. I have worked in the health and well-being industry since 2002 specialising as a therapeutic massage therapist. I am currently based at a chiropractic clinic and work as an integrative therapist where I combine massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, emotional trauma release and dialoguing. I began my psychotherapy pathway in 2013 alongside my core massage therapy role. I am also a registered fitness instructor.

Kathy Davison

Kathy Davison

Trainee Counsellor, Dip in Person Centered Counselling

I am committed to providing a safe professional space where my clients can unpack their experiences and enhance their awareness of all areas of life.

I offer a neutral platform where clients can problem solve and set personal and professional goals. I have worked with anxiety, depression, PTSD, TBI, grief and many other issues my clients have brought to their sessions.

Katrin Richter

Katrin Richter

Masters of Counselling (Hons), Counsellor, Therapist, NZAC

My name is Katrin Richter. Originally of German descent I have lived within New Zealand for over 10 years. Although I initially worked as a qualified engineer, then later as a marketing manager, I have always cared about the people around me. This interest in people led me to work as a counsellor at Lifeline and then the Christchurch Women’s Centre. I studied for further three years and completed my Masters of Counselling at the University of Canterbury.

Within my counselling I combine Solution-Focused-Brief-Therapy with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. These approaches strongly resonate with me as they are future orientated, practical, based on logic and empowering. Within this framework I believe that change can be achieved more readily through working on possibilities and solutions than dwelling on problems.

When feeling upset, stressed, lonely, anxious, or depressed it can be difficult to know how best to talk about these issues. It is important to me to provide a warm, caring, confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere. I will listen carefully, explore my client’s goals, values and what really matters to them. I feel useful when I can help my clients move towards a rich, full and meaningful life that they want to lead.

Mel Rodricks

Mel Rodricks

Counsellor, Person Centred, Dip. Couns., NZAC

I have been counselling here at the Canterbury Men’s Centre since November 2011. I’m Indian by birth, Kiwi by nationality and international through experience. In a previous life, I’ve had twenty plus years of marketing and sales experience, nine of these years in Dubai. The time I spent abroad exposed me to interesting cultural experiences throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the C.I.S (After the breakup of the U.S.S.R) South East Asia and the Far East.

For the last ten years in New Zealand, I’ve been involved in the Mental Health and AOD sector. This diversity of experiences has consolidated my awareness and learning that life is to be celebrated. As a counsellor, I’m privileged to be a part of that process. So come visit and share your experiences with us and have a laugh, because as a wise man once said “Laughter is the key to heaven”.

Michael Hill

Michael Hill

Counsellor, Person Centred, Bachelors of Counselling, Provisional Registration DAPAANZ

My name is Michael Graham Hill. My Parents are both from Dunedin. Further back I am of English and Scotts decent. I identify New Zealand, and the South Island specifically as the home I share with Tangata whenua and all the peoples who have chosen to stand here now.

My counseling training has been in Person Centered, Rogerian Therapy. I am no stranger to the hurt and frustration that addictive dysfunction can cause. I am also aware of the impact anger and violence can have within a family. I know how those expressing anger can be isolated and find change beyond their reach. I come to the Canterbury Men’s Center with heart felt empathy for those desperately seeking a way forward.

The Anxiety of Life can be overwhelming and we feel desperate. In Counseling boundaries can be reevaluated and healthy attachment practiced. Basic trust is strengthened.  I am humbled every time I experience the courage of men in Counseling. I am a grateful Counselor to be witness to and supportive of positive change in men.

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor

Counsellor, Person Centred, Dip. Couns., NZAC

My name is Phil and I am a 60`s child. I combine my time between being a tradesman and counselling at the Canterbury Men`s Centre. I have completed the Diploma in Counselling at C.P.I.T. and have had 2 years training experience at the Gestalt Institute in Christchurch. My interests include camping, fishing, just about any sport, just about any music and this wonderful country Aotearoa.
I have been a volunteer mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters, coached rugby, basketball and managed to be a dad at the same time to two wonderful individuals.

My first step into volunteer work began with an organisation that supported families. They adopted a strengths-based philosophy which focusses on what we do well as opposed to what we don’t. In times of crisis we sometimes overlook these qualities and attributes.

Rachelle Pickering

Rachelle Pickering

Dip. Counselling, Student Bachelor in Counselling

Rachelle has a particular interest in personal spiritual growth and is a passionate about the process of clients discovering who they were born to be. She has experience in working with relationship issues, spirituality,loss/grief, trauma, abuse, anxiety and depression.
Rachelle works with care wounds,these deep fundamental wounds are the result of fundamental beliefs we were taught since birth. We have the tendency to believe we are unworthy on some level. Rachelle will help you discover how your care wound is manifesting in your life.
Rob Lees

Rob Lees

Robert is a Transition Coach. He helps clients who are going through the changing and challenging stages of life, we all have these moments on our life’s journey. These moments are turning points that offer the chance to decide who you are and what you are capable of. From these turning points, and with coaching your goals and aspiration can be reassessed, clarity of a vision and achievement of your goals becomes an empowering adventure.

The focus in coaching is about you and your goals, the coach’s role is to ask a question, listening to bring clarity, and being non-judgmental. A partnership that provides a place to be you and provides support on a journey of discovery.

Robert brings many years of working experience in varied roles, from factory worker to builder, sales professional to a business owner. And, of course, my personal life journey where I have earned a PhD from the University of Life. In 2007 he completed a Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching, continuing on in a training role and contractor as a life coach to a government department. He recently completed certificates in Breakthrough and Abundance coaching.

Currently has Associate Coaching Level Certification with ANZCAL and operates within their Code of conduct. Away from coaching Robert’s interest are the outdoors, fishing, camping, building projects, cooking and travel

Sophie Toutain

Sophie Toutain

Dip Gestalt Therapy, MNZAC, PBANZ - Registered Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist – Dip Gestalt Psychotherapy, MNZAC, PBANZ, GANZ.

Originally from France, I have been living in beautiful Aotearoa for 16 years now.  I love New Zealand’s natural environment, which I keep exploring mainly through tramping. I feel grateful to be here and priviledged to be working for the community.

I offer psychotherapy and counselling for individuals and couples. My aim is to support you on your journey to empowerment, response-ability, choice-fullness and engaging with life harmoniously.

The aim of Gestalt Psychotherapy is to raise self-awareness so as to empower you to make creative adjustments in you life and better choices for yourself. I enjoy working with adults of all ages and cultures. I have a particular interest in relationships, trauma and abuse. I am bi-lingual and can work in English and French.

Sue Williamson

Sue Williamson

Masters of Education (Counselling), Hons. Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Teaching and Learning

My name is Sue Williamson. I am a born and bred Cantabrian and have always enjoyed working with people. I currently work within the health sector and as a counsellor, both part-time. My approach to counselling has been informed by my academic training, working experience, and of course my personal life journey, which often has the most to teach us. I have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of people within all my workplaces.

My training and counselling experience utilises components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT). Both therapies focus on meaningful, useful change to help clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be. I work within the context of the client’s personal values, and what is important to them.

I have worked with a variety of clients experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and grief. I am also interested in working with people’s view of “self” as a concept. I believe the way in which we view ourselves has a significant impact on our lives, particularly in the areas of communication and relationships.

The decision to engage in counselling is a brave and important one, though some might find it awkward or uncomfortable at first. I make sure to offer a safe and respectful environment alongside an ethical and professional service.


Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson

Trainee Counsellor, Master of Counselling at The University of Canterbury

I am currently studying a Master of Counselling at The University of Canterbury. I work in a Person-Centred and Solution-Focused framework, alongside Motivational Interviewing techniques. I have worked for the past 3 years as a carer and I have a background in Psychology. I have also worked in the drug and alcohol field as well as facilitating Anxiety Support groups through MHAPS (peer-support).

Social Anxiety is an area I have a strong passion for but other areas of interest include: health, anxiety disorders (in general), trauma, relationship issues, career aspirations and grief. I have a particular interest in helping men as I feel at times they can be “left behind” in the health system. I also think services could be tailored to suit males better. On a personal level I have an interest in the outdoors/fishing, cooking, music and travel.

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