We are a charity and committed to supporting you. Our fees are suggested prices and we do give free counselling as well. It is common in private practices for fees to range from $80-$160.


Your Gross Income                            Session Fee for one hour

Up to $600/week $40
$600 to $800/week $60
$800 to $1,000/week $80
$1,000 to $1,200/week $100
Over $1,200/week $120

Weekends and evenings: Minimum $60. * Please note: Initial sessions on weekend and evenings are also a suggested $60, but we won’t make this a barrier if it causes you hardship.

WINZ Disability Allowance
You may be eligible for the WINZ Disability Allowance to cover your counselling costs. We will help you figure out if you are eligible and get you through the process.

Our Bank Account for direct deposits is: 02 0800 0923575 000


We support you to work through the process if you are eligible.