Andrew Garner

Trainee Counsellor, Person Centered, Narrative Therapy

My name is Andrew or Andy, and I’m a third year Counselling degree student at Laidlaw College.

Prior to starting my training, I spent 28 years working in IT, ending up designing software.

I’m married with two adult sons who live in Brisbane and Auckland.  I’m a bit of a music fanatic listening from everything from ambient to heavy metal, and there always has to be music on somewhere in the house…..

My training is in Person Centred and Narrative Therapies in terms of counselling models, and I’ve done some basic Cognitive Therapy work too. I have experience in going through a career change and am aware of how difficult that is.

I also work with primary and intermediate aged children at a local school, so I see a lot of different life experiences come through the counselling room

A quote that means a lot to me personally comes from a science fiction show called Fringe, but for me sums something of my view of counselling, and of my own experience:

“You can keep waiting for somebody else to define you, to give you your place in the world, or you can decide that you’re not just somebody’s broken puppet anymore.”