Campbell Langford

Campbell Langford

Counsellor, Person Centred, Dip. Counselling

Simply, I want to see people become all that they can be, including having awesome relationships and living a full life.
But sometimes it is hard to look at who you have been, the things that have been done to you by others, and the ways you might be able to grow.
Sometimes that journey is better taken with another, supportive, caring, non-judgmental individual.
If I can be that person for you then I’m keen to get started.

I am married and we have two young sons.

Some things that turn my head: Triumph Motorcycles, well planted veggie gardens, vintage fighter air craft, community development initiatives, pizza ovens, books with swords on the covers, music played with passion, steam trains, forests, people doing really well at being themselves.

Some areas of therapeutic interest: people, relationships, masculinity, addiction, purpose, anxiety, anger, depression, children, spirituality.