Men’s Support Hub

We make it easy for men to find the right support by bringing professionals under one roof that have a focus on improving the lives of men. The project started May 2013. We invite men to come along and those that care about them to be nosy and see what we are doing here. An easy way to do that is to call the Canterbury Men’s Centre and have a chat at 03 365 9000.

Men's Support Hub





Special thanks for an initial three months of rent funding for this project by the Southern Trust. Thanks also to the Canterbury Community Trust for their significant funding commitment to this project.

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The following agencies are based at the Men’s Support Hub. Also, something below about Mike Springer, the artist that has generously festooned the hub with his paintings.



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I  am Michael Springer  a Christchurch Central based artist and Donald Pettitt, the Manager of local and newly
relocated (due to earthquake ) Mens Hub -“Canterbury Men’s Centre” invited me to hang paintings throughout the 2 storied premises in central Christchurch resulting in the building having a unique an unusual atmosphere and suggesting  a close link between mens health an creativity and to make the space open to the general public not exclusive or intimidating, and in response to the maleness  I called the exhibit “Never Mind The Bollocks.. I am also effected by the quake as in my rental being sold forcing me to shift in a crazy rental market…

There are 21 paintings, portraits and landscapes, for  some  the response is  “thats a bit depressing” perhaps stirring up emotions for counselling and performing more than just a  copy of something famous an pretty on the wall .. Please see my facebook page for a selection of my artwork.