Male Survivors Canterbury

The MSC provides peer support to men that experienced sexual trauma and also run a weekly support group. We hear from a lot of different men and encourage you to get in touch if you think it’s time to talk.

Support for Male Survivors


What we can provide? 


 One on One Peer Support.

Sit down and have a chat with one of our peer support workers and work at your pace

Peer Support Groups.

Meet weekly with other men who have been through what you have been through. We meet you first before you come to the group. There are two groups active currently after standard work hours.

Advocacy for Male Survivors.

We can talk to you about the ACC process around sexual abuse, telling you what other men found useful.

Work with you if you wish to engage with other agencies. Sometimes you just need a person to back you up.

We advocate for whatever you need.  


 Phone: (03) 377 6747. This line is private and secure so please leave a message if we can’t answer. 


Phone: Paul Dempsey, 0277 898304, Peer Support Worker Lead

Phone: Jim Goodwin, 0211 679488, Peer Support Worker 



A member organisation of the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Aotearoa New Zealand



Male Survivors Canterbury Offers Two Peer Support Groups

A simple  meal is provided at each group. The groups are free. Men who want to attend one or both of these groups should first speak to one of the Male Survivors staff- Jim or Paul.

The first group is held every Monday night. This group is for men who want to deepen their understanding of themselves and their recovery. It is run by Jim Goodwin who is a sexual abuse survivor experienced in using peer support and action methods in groups. The co- leader of this group is also a survivor

The Second Group is held every Tuesday night. It is run by a volunteer survivor who is trained in Intentional Peer Support. This group provides an opportunity for men to check in with each other about how they are doing. The co-leader of this group is a survivor.


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