Counselling for Men

We make it easy for Christchurch and Ashburton men to get the support they need to make the most of their lives. Book a Counselling Session at the Canterbury Men’s Centre.  


We encourage you to just contact us to figure out the best place for you to get support. We aren’t here to “sell” you counselling; but have it on hand if that is the solution you need. 

Our staff are a mix of men and women. All have a high regard for men and expertise in working with them.


Couples Counselling

We have a number of counsellors, men and women, that provide couples counselling. 

Please contact us and we will make arrangements about this. 

A Diverse Crew

We care for lots of different men and couples. At a cultural level we have counsellors from:

– Samoa- Rarotonga- Brazil- France- Germany- India (2)- and Korea.

Feedback from Men

What they say about the Canterbury Men’s Centre and our amazing team of counsellors?

How we work:

We do a first meeting with you aiming to figure out what you want in a counsellor, and see if there is anything else you want/ need to do to accomplish your goals. 

We are not trying to sell you counselling at all and will tell you honestly the options we know that are available and what you might want to try.



Contact us 9-5, Mon-Fri for a first appointment. That first appt can be after 5 pm for a fee. Ongoing counselling available 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Weekend times also available.


Waiting List

We can normally see the man within the first week or so of contact depending on his availability.


Our main office for counselling is 21 Marshland Rd, Christchurch. We also provide a counselling service from rooms in Kaiapoi and Ashburton.


WINZ Disability Allowance

You may be eligible for the WINZ Disability Allowance to cover your counselling costs. We will help you figure out if you are eligible and get you through the process.

Weekends & Evenings

Minimum $60. * Please note: Initial sessions on weekend and evenings are also a suggested $60, but we won’t make this a barrier if it causes you hardship.



We support you to work through the process if you are eligible.


We are a charity and committed to supporting you. Our fees are suggested prices and we do give free counselling as well. It is common in private practices for fees to range from $80 to $160.

Pricing for Couples Counselling

We charge $80 to $120 based on your capacity to pay. For more info, see the bottom of this page or just contact us.

Bank Account

Our Bank Account for direct deposits is: 02 0800 0923575 000

Price Scale

You will make a plan to get to what you want to achieve and if that involves counselling, we match you to the best counsellor. We also let you know any information we have about other options.


Trish Willis

Trish Willis

B.A. (Psych), P.G. Dip. Heal. Sc.<br /> , Approved ACC Sensitive Claims Provider, Provisional Member Registered with NZAC

Feeling stuck and unable to gain traction on an issue you are wanting to solve? We all experience life issues of some kind to varying degrees. Counselling is a resource which may just get you unstuck.

Safe, productive and genuine conversations are at the heart of counselling. 

My approach is unconditional positive regard and to share tools and knowledge to apply to your situation. We will identify your personal strengths to heal, support and move forward.

I am committed to supporting the voice of men, individually and collectively.

I have worked with men from all walks of life and I’m particularly interested in hearing from men who have experienced criminal justice processes.

Some of the areas we may work on together are trauma, anxiety, anger, frustration, stress, addiction, sadness and loss, relationships, identity, confidence, purpose and meaning.

ACC Sensitive Claims Approved.  

ACC Sensitive Claims Counseling, One-on-one Counselling

Mata Samatua

Mata Samatua

Dip. Couns , Provisional Member, Registered with NZAC

Mata was born in Rarotonga and raised in New Zealand. She has devoted her earlier life into raising her two children into adulthood. 

Now after working on her own personal challenges. Mata is committed to supporting her counselling clients on their own journey of self-discovery and healing. 

Mata works principally from the framework of the Person Centred modality while also incorporating techniques from Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Solution focus in her support of clients with depression, anxiety, anger management, abuse and family issues.

Mata works with a wide range of client across all ages and ethnicities. When she is not working, Mata is focused on her extended family and is an active member of her local Toast Masters Club.

One-on-One Counselling


Ian Gall

Ian Gall

Dip Counselling, Cert Breathwork. Pending NZAC

Counsellor, Builder, Transformational breath therapist
I live near the beach with my partner and step son, two cats and four chickens. I enjoy surfing and cooking.
Mind, Body, Spirit, best describes my style of counselling. I have used my skills to help others for the past 20 years. My job as a counsellor is to help each client get in touch with their own inner resource or personal power and live from that place.

I utilise a variety of holistic and somatic methods to help clients achieve their goals. I work from an understanding that we create our life experience with our mind and our thoughts, often these thoughts are subconscious. By identifying and changing negative subconscious
thoughts, we can uplift ourselves and live happy, healthy, positive lives.
I am experienced with; Couples / relationship counselling, Parenting through separation challenges, Anger issues, Depression and bipolar disorder, Anxiety and stress management, Childhood trauma related problems, Addictions: drugs, alcohol, pornography

I am interested in developments and new understandings in counselling / psychology and like to utilise the latest techniques proven to be helpful.


One-on-One/  Couples Counselling

Mandy Pagett

Mandy Pagett

Provisional Member, Dip. Couns, Registered with NZAC

Mandy is a mother of two young adult children who has walked her own journey of recovery. She is now committed to journeying with her clients encouraging and supporting their growth and personal insight.
Specailising in the Person Centered modality Mandy also works with Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and is seeking to learn A.C.T (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to support clients with depression and anxiety.
She works with a wide range of client and is currently working with clients ranging from 15 to 80 years of age.
When she is not working Mandy is focusing on her own family, loves to go for walks and indulges her passion for motor bikes.

One-on-One Counselling

Mel Rodricks

Mel Rodricks

Counsellor, Person Centred, Dip. Couns., Member Registered with NZAC

I have been counselling here at the Canterbury Men’s Centre since November 2011. I’m Indian by birth, Kiwi by nationality and international through experience. In a previous life, I’ve had twenty plus years of marketing and sales experience, nine of these years in Dubai. The time I spent abroad exposed me to interesting cultural experiences throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the C.I.S (After the breakup of the U.S.S.R) South East Asia and the Far East.

For the last ten years in New Zealand, I’ve been involved in the Mental Health and AOD sector. This diversity of experiences has consolidated my awareness and learning that life is to be celebrated. As a counsellor, I’m privileged to be a part of that process. So come visit and share your experiences with us and have a laugh, because as a wise man once said “Laughter is the key to heaven”.

I have studied various modalities of counselling and psychotherapy. I am also a certified Neuro Linguistic and Neuro Semantic Practitioner. My experience has enabled me to develop an Integrated Style of counselling, with an Outcome Focused approach, specifically in couples counselling. I have successfully counselled hundreds of couples in their times of conflict.

My core belief is that all relationships have situations, which due to a lack of communication coalesce into ‘Problems’. My focus is to help You’ll identify what each of you wants in your relating to each other and then facilitate Conflict Resolution strategies to enable You’ll to attain your goals.

I also focus on the neuro-psychotherapy of the brain; enabling couples to understand how to change from ‘Reacting’ to ‘Responding’. This helps retrain the brain against thinking and reacting improperly to any negative cognition or triggers that may present in your future. It would be my privilege to accompany you on your journey to peace and love.

One-on-One/ Couples Counselling


Katrin Richter

Katrin Richter

Masters of Counselling (Hons), Counsellor, Therapist, Provisional Member, Registered with NZAC

lMy name is Katrin Richter. Originally of German descent I have lived within New Zealand for over 10 years. Although I initially worked as a qualified engineer, then later as a marketing manager, I have always cared about the people around me. This interest in people led me to work as a counsellor at Lifeline and then the Christchurch Women’s Centre. I studied for further three years and completed my Masters of Counselling at the University of Canterbury.

Within my counselling I combine Solution-Focused-Brief-Therapy with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. These approaches strongly resonate with me as they are future orientated, practical, based on logic and empowering. Within this framework I believe that change can be achieved more readily through working on possibilities and solutions than dwelling on problems.
When feeling upset, stressed, lonely, anxious, or depressed it can be difficult to know how best to talk about these issues. It is important to me to provide a warm, caring, confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere. I will listen carefully, explore my client’s goals, values and what really matters to them. I feel useful when I can help my clients move towards a rich, full and meaningful life that they want to lead.

One-on-One Counseling


Raesha Ismail

Raesha Ismail

Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning, Affiliate Member NZAC

Raesha graduated with her Masters of Counselling with Distinction in 2020. She first started at Canterbury Men’s Centre as a student intern in March 2018. 

She is trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy and integrates her practice with Internal Family Systems. Her approach allows clients to meet their best hopes for coming to therapy and overcome past experiences that may be holding them back from living the life they want. 

Raesha has a passion for culturally responsive counselling. She is able to support clients from other cultural backgrounds with compassion and understanding. 

She also specialises in Pornography Addiction, sexual trauma and Betrayal Trauma due to internet infidelity. 

Raesha has 18 years of experience in education as a primary teacher, tertiary health educator and teacher trainer. Overall holistic health and well-being is a significant part of her work.

One-on-One Counselling

Ian Crosson

Ian Crosson

Counsellor, B. Couns. , MNZCCA, Ashburton

My work is informed by my training in person-centred practice where I offer a safe, non-judgmental place, journeying alongside men and women who are distressed by life’s events and supporting them in their quest for wholeness.

I understand our uniqueness of being where often our deeper parts are alienated but through the healing process becoming fully integrated as ‘mind’, ‘body’, and ‘spirit’, a wholeness that brings vibrancy and life. I work with ‘Body Process’ in a Gestalt sense, being curious around the psycho-somatic connection.

I also work with couples specialising in emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT).

One-on-One/ Couples Counselling in Ashburton


Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson

MCouns MSc Psych, PGDip HealSc (Behaviour Change), Provisional Member, Registered with NZAC

I am working as a Counsellor while also completing masters research at The University of Canterbury. I work in a Person-Centred and Solution-Focused framework, alongside Motivational Interviewing techniques. I have a thorough understanding of Psychology through my academic pursuits.

I have worked in the drug and alcohol field as well as facilitating Anxiety Support groups through MHAPS (peer-support). I’ve also previously worked as a carer.

Social Anxiety is an area I have a strong passion for; other areas of interest include: health, anxiety disorders (in general), trauma, relationship issues, career aspirations and grief. I have a particular interest in helping men as I feel at times they can be “left behind” in the health system. I think services could be tailored to suit males better, a focus of my research.

On a personal level I have an interest in the outdoors/fishing, cooking, music and travel.

One-on-One Counselling


Noeline Allan

Noeline Allan

Dip Counselling Dip Bus, currently reactivating NZAC Full Membership

Noeline is a mother of two adult children and three grandsons.   Passionate about community she has spent her adult life working for a number of community organisation at various levels. Noeline believes that the lessons learnt in these role supports her counselling work giving her a depth of understanding about people experiencing life’s challenges.

Noeline brings to her role as Service Manager at the CMC the experienced gained from 12 years as a counsellor. Her formal training focused principally on the Person Centred modality however, she supports her work with some Solution Focus Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Narrative Therapy. “I believes it is important to match the counselling style to suit the client’s individual needs’, says Noeline.

While Noeline coordinates most of our intake work, she also provides counselling to limited numbers of clients.

One-on-One Counselling


Alice Stevens

Alice Stevens

Bachelor of Counselling, Provisional Member, Registered with NZAC

Alice is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential in life. Her past experience lies in the creative field, and she believes that creativity can offer a new way of viewing the problems we face; therefore, she brings this through into her counselling work. Alongside of this, Alice is compassionate and creates a safe, non-judgemental environment where people can feel accepted and heard.

 Alice uses a strengths-based narrative approach alongside of a person-centred modality, both of these methods used together can meet the person where they are at, as well as draw on each person’s unique strengths in order to bring them to a place of healing and growth.

One-on-One Counselling


Luisa Ramos

Luisa Ramos

BSc (Psychology), Master of Counselling

My aim is to help each individual function at his best. I offer a safe place for him to express self freely and to illuminate his own thoughts  and feelings along with his inner power.
My therapy style is rooted in Existentialism, Person Centered Approach and SFBT and I offer short term or long term therapy.

The therapeutic process might help individual to develop lasting tools/strategies to overcome his concerning issues at the present time or issues he may encounter in the future. It also might facilitate the journey of awakening self ability to feel, to heal and to grow,  so he may be able to experience a more meaningful and enjoyable life. 

One-on-One Counselling


Hamish Webb

Hamish Webb

Dip. Counselling | Dip. Coaching | Provisional Member NZAC

I make digital films, I’m an online marketer, a counsellor, a coach, but most importantly I’m a dad and husband!

I have been married for 23 years and I feel that learning counselling has helped me not only in marriage but in all the other areas of my life. 

In counselling, we are often exploring difficult areas of your life and I believe it is important to develop a high degree of trust between us.  I help build a safe therapeutic environment by giving you unconditional positive regard which is just fancy words for  “I’m on your side”.

I specialize in a variety of areas including relationships, family, crisis, suicide, depression, addiction, anxiety, and abortion.

I use a combination of therapy styles, which is often called an eclectic approach, to see what best fits for you.   

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective methods that exist today and seems a popular choice for many.

So that is a little bit about me and how I work. If you feel like that will work for you then the next step would be to book an appointment.

One-on-One Counselling


Book a counselling session

Couples Counselling

We hope that any woman approaching us understands that we also care about their well being. At the same time, it’s reassuring to men to have good reason to believe they will also be treated with understanding in the counselling process. We do this well.
We charge $80-$120- based on your capacity to pay. Just contact us and we’ll set things up. To get things going give us a call at 03 365 9000 during normal business hours, write to or use the form below.

Comments from Men

This place has changed my life and so pleased I’ve found this place.


40 years old

You guys rock. Very helpful and instrumental in helping to save me in my darkest hour.


21 years old

An extremely supportive group for when a crisis comes about.


52 years old

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